What People Said about BBUF 2013

Judy from Vermilion said:

     Our family of 15 was there with ages ranging from 2-87 and we all had a fabulous time.

By email Bill said:

     My family had the pleasure to attend the festival on Saturday. We enjoyed visiting the various places using the shuttle and had our passports stamped.

Sally from Salmon Arm said:

     Congratulations on the wonderful festival.

Gordon from Edmonton said:
     "Babas & Borshch" inaugural festival is an outstanding example of public engagement on all levels. This festival became a "top of mind" event outstripping events with far greater resources. This small community reached far beyond a Ukrainian heritage attendance and truly looked to engage all Albertans, rural and urban, in a fun weekend. Babas and Borshch had the right ingredients to reach into the broad community and add a fresh festival to Alberta's festival scene.

Melissa from Derwent said:
     Thanks for highlighting our Ukrainian heritage and making it something that non-Ukrainians want a part of.

Lynette from Facebook said:
     I enjoyed the event and hope to attend next year! Baba was great!!!!! Loved the flowers everywhere - great touch. Looking forward to next year!!!!

Alberta Culture Minister Heather Klimchuk said:
     Thanks to Hazel & all of the wonderful volunteers! Awesome first year. Woo Hoo!

MLA Jacquie Fenske (aka Kalyna Hnidan) said:
     Thanks for the fantastic weekend! Looking forward to using my passport next year